These are examples of previous custom made items.

 Mae's grandma ordered her a new pump bag for school as a surprise.
Honey's new Cath Kidston bag for her dolly's clothing.
Order for 120 new pe bags for a new school's foundation stage cloakrooms
Vegetable feely bags for the Soil Society display stands at Agricultural shows. 
Numbered tabards for outside play at a nursery.
Child size Read Write Inc aprons for role playing in phonic areas.
Alphabet calico bunting for a day nursery.
Christmas cushions with bells!
Santa sacks for Rosewood pet supplies for their reps to take the Christmas items to pet shops.

Show and tell bag for a primary school teacher
 Order from a Jo Jingles music franchise for taking instruments to different venues

Order for 6 different coloured 'Talking Bags' for an infant school.